The Feminization Clinic:

Every one of us started from those very same humble beginings. Maybe it was your sister's pink satin panties, perhaps a neighbor's black lace slip hanging on their unattended clothes line, and it could have even started with your mothers silky unmentionables. You knew you were different in some way, and just kept collecting all manner of frilly little things until you just had to try them on. Once you did you knew you just had to have more.

Dressing like a girl, wearing soft pink satin, buying your first black leather miniskirt and a pair of candy apple red stripper heels was only the begining. Now you are ready to move on to correct makeup aplication, how to strut with that sexy wiggle in those stiletto heels, and learn how to clip those seamed stockings on your garter belt.

You just don't know who to ask for help, and how it will be taken or what will happen next. Feminine Glamour can definately help you there. If you are just bebining transition or would like to know all the inside secrets of successfully looking feminine we can giude you to your goal.

  Feminization Clinic One: Basic

Most women have already spent their lives learning about makeup, dress sizes, and how to buy a bra, or any number of the thousands of little feminine details a girl needs to know to look nice. You've already spent hours reading other websites, following hundreds of links, and each time you become more frustrated than before. Nothing has helped you!

Our basic class covers these little details exclusively. You get all the basics that every girl learns during childhood. How to correctly apply your makeup and how to pick the best colors that work for you. You will learn how to really shop for clothes and determin if they will actually fit and look great on you. If you have never been able to strut your stuff in a great pair of heels this class will teach you how. Ever wondered how women can wear stileto's all night long? Out Basic Feminization Clinic will show you how.

If you are tired of never being able to get the look you desire in the mirror then just let the Feminine Glamour team teach you all those little secrets to success. You will learn to walk, sit, stand and move in that graceful way you wan't. The best places to buy makeup and accessories, how to dress to maximize your unique figure and so much more.

  Feminization Clinic Two: Advanced

Are you considering transition, ready to step out into the world and experience it from a womans perspective? Are you tired of just posting pictures online and talking in chatrooms? If you are ready to taste the world then with the Feminine Glamour Advanced Feminization Clinic all of those pent up dreams and long term wishes will become a reality for you.

You've been dressing yourself and doing your own makeup for years but now you are ready to move on to only the joy's womanhood can give you. You will learn how to deal with unwanted attention, and get the kind of attention you crave. You will learn how to determine if you are dressed corectly for any occasion, what girls really talk about and the secret language we use with each other. We will help you refine your posture so you can go unnoticed in a crowd, unless you really want to be.

The Advanced Feminization Clinic will answer all those nagging questions and aid you in overcoming any fears of the unknow about hormones, surgery, or just how women deal with everyday issues to acomplish your goals whatever they are.

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  Our Male Feminization Clinic:

  1. Walking in high heels: There are many ways to strut on the catwalk, but if you don't have the right technique in the begining you wont have that smooth and graceful swing you ador. It's much more than just walking, posture, standing, and balance are each covered to keep you looking great.

  2. Makeup apllication: Certain cosmetics just dont work as well when you are trying to cover beard shadow, or don't have a models complexion. If you have wondered what we use and the effective ways to apply those special cosmetics for dramatic effect let us show you the way.

  3. Pubic interaction: Once you are all dolled up then what? Learn the many ways to handle being in nearly any public location. How to detirmine when you should go someplace and where to maximize your fun and minimize any potential problems. All the things you will need to know about being seen as a woman when you go out on the town.

  4. Dressing for success: If you have ever wondered how to match colors, or which top really goes well with your shoes or even simple jewelry selection then look no farther. Certain things just never look right and make you even more noticeable and even less believable than others. Find out how to buy the right outfits for your figure, your personal style, and what to wear and when.

  5. Hairstyle selection: Everybody want's to be a blonde, yet not everyone knows how to make it work. Find out which kind of hairstyle really works for you and even how to make the ones that dont look good. Long, short, auburn or raven, with the right cut you can pull them all off with ease.

  6. Feminine voice: If you are trying to develop the right tenor and pitch to sound more like a female we can help you. There are certain ways to speak and even certain ways women talk that can help you be more believable as a female. Some things girls just dont ever say and there are ways to know what they are when you sign up for our clinic.

  7. Posture: One of the most important things you need is not only the right walk. but the right way to stand and even sit. Learn the ways to always apear as elegant and gracefull no matter where you are so that whatever you are doing it looks ultra feminine.

  8. Everything Else: With each class and each stage you will improve everything you have learned about the hundrds of things it takes to be glamourous and ultra feminine. Srom simply picking out the right shade of lipstick to what to wear when you go to the store and effectively blend in or stand out when you want to.

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