Have you watched showgirls on stage and envied their hair, their presence, their seductive beauty? Have you wondered what it would be like to have that thick luxurios mane of super long sexy hair cascading down your back?

All of us have seen glamourous women when we go out. Wouldn't you love to have that look and feel just like they do? We are a group of Dallas Texas showgirl's who believe that everyone should have that wonderful experience and feel that magical moment at least once. Our licenced beauticians, high fashion makup artist's, pagent winner's, and hair stylist's will all come together to make you look just like those fabulous glamour girl's that you see whenever you go out.

If you would love to experience all of that glamour, all of that attention, that sensual fantasy image then just give us a call and become one of our client's and let us transform you from that bland soccer mom into that sexy siren of your dreams.

We truly understand that it's a real challenge to truly capture the look that a showgirl posess' and it takes that special talent to achieve it. There are hundreds of secret techiques that we use to create that over the top amount of feminine beauty & glamour.

  Glamour Service:
We offer a very wide range of different sevices for each client. From a total glamour make over with a full night out on the town, to a private fashion show staring just you as the star.
  Select Shopping:
We use the absolute best skin and hair care products and have our own custom designers that custom make each of our hair peices and gowns which are available for purchase if you desire.
  Instruction & Education:
From very sensual and feminine movement to simply walking in stiletto heels we can help. Wardrobe selection, how to make the most of your figure, or simply advice you can trust and count on we can help you find your look.
  Feminization Clinic:
Do you have a secret fantsy, have you ever wondered what it would like to look like a female? Would you like to have a very special day of dress up fun? Are you planning to transition or have questions about becoming a woman? Well crossdressers & sissies are our specialy!

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