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Feminie Glamour Packages

  Just Makeup: 2 hours $200

Do you have a really hot date, would you like to do something really special for someone you know?

One of our staff will sit with you one on one, take your basic look and sprinkle on some really glamourous tricks, and polish you to absolute perfection. This is such a simple and easy way to turn up the heat before you meet for that first date or a special night on the town.

  Mobile Makeup Service: 3 hours $500

If you have always wanted to have someone teach you the fine art of feminine illusion while giving you the most glamourous makeover ever, we have the solution. Our staff will come to you.

Members of our staff travel to many select cities, making it very easy for you by scheduling group & individual sessions. We then meet with you individually or with your group and give you that beautiful feminine illusion and glamourous look you desire. We give you the very same sexy, beautiful and feminine look of womanhood, but we just do it in a city near you.

  Feminization Clinic I: 2 hours private instruction $250

If you don't know where to start when you decide to practice the art of feminine illusion, this class is for you.

What makeup do you need, where can you buy the best wig's, how can you aquire that seductive wiggle and easily walk perched on those stilleto heels? What are the real basics when deciding what to carry in your purse, what colors and style's work with you and not against you?

One of our staff will meet with you one on one and cover most if not all of the basic's when you decide you would like to take your unique fashion statement from the closet into the real world.

  Feminization Clinic II: 4 hours private instruction $500

If you have ever asked what you really need to always look glamourous and totally put together this class is for you.

Our advanced topics will help you develop your female figure, how to apropriately handle many of the normal public situations women encounter, and blend efectively into the female population. Learn the right look for any event, discover the perfect wardrobe for your figure, and learn which conversations to avoid like a bad hair day.

One of our staff will meet with you one on one and take your skills even farther with advanced makeup aplication, specific hair selection for you, and so many other topics you can't imagine.

  Basic Transformation I: 2 hours $270

Everyone want's to be pretty and draw those glances of envious attention when they go out. With Feminine Glamour we don't just offer you a "dressing" service like many others. We have years of experience with the art of feminine illusion and will use those secrets to make you look your absolute best.

This is the perfect way to test the water before you decide if dressing like a woman is right for you. If you've even wondered if you will look nice, can handle wearing heels all night, or just want to try something fun and different with your partner this is the place to start. This package includes only basic makeup, some wardrobe direction, some outfit changes, and limited photograpy service.

  Basic Transformation II: 3 hours $540

The fist step in truly developing that unique showgirl look. Everyone's vision is different and we will help you create and sharpen that personal ideal into a reality. Regardless of the look you desire and the individual goals you have with our help it can be achieved.

Weather it's a sparkeling Las Vegas showgirl, a demure virginal bride, a saucy French maid, or a sexy little secratary let us help you create the very special look you have been dreaming of your whole life. Take that first step from simple and plain to absolute splendor.

This package includes hair, makeup, wardrobe direction, figure creation, some outfit changes, and our basic photograpy [1] service.

  Basic Glamour Transformation: 3 hours $700

Weather you're a male who wishes to look like a glamazon, or a female who would just love to experience the look of a fashion model our staff can acomplish it. We will create a unique and glamourous look tailored specifically to whatever your goals are.

We can take you from bland to ultra high fashion glamour, totally natural & wholesome to wickedly trashy & cheap. It's a leval of elegance beyond compare. This is a truly special experience that gives you the opportunity to be pampered while you are completely transformed into a very sensual woman.

We will take your current wardrobe, hair and feminine confidence to an entirely different leval you didn't even know existed or was possible. Whatever look you imagine can be acomplished with our guidance and very unique artistry. This package includes hair, makeup, wardrobe direction, figure creation, some outfit changes, and our advanced photograpy [2] service.

  Advanced Glamour Transformation: 5 hours $875

Ideally for the more experianced, this leval of transformation will take it up much... much... farther than you have ever experienced. You've dolled yourself up for years now, you've learned a lot, now let us take you to a whole new leval of incredible beauty.

Our staff will reach inside you and find the absolute best colors, the best poses, the perfect look, and crown you with the most amazing luxurios mane of hair that suit's you perfectly. This is the really extrordinary showgirl look. Ruby red Jeweled lips, brows shaped into that ultra feminine arch, a deliciously rounded and curvacious figure, and the most sensual eye catching wardrobe.

We will take your wardrobe and ours, blend them together and squeeze a woman so alluring out, that you will not believe it's really you.

This package includes custom hair peices, total glamour makeup, full wardrobe selection, amazing figure molding, multiple outfit changes, and our advanced photograpy [2] service.

  Ultra Glamour Transformation: 7 hours $1225

If you have ever wondered if you could look this incredible the answer should obviously be yes by now! It is not only possible but fully within your power to attain if you truly want it.

The instruction, secret tip's, and immense education you will recieve all evening long is worth the price alone. This is our premiere service which will move you so far away from average that you will forever remain beyond stunning in your daily apearance.

The unbelievable images, incredibly valuable insight, and luxurious hair will be something you will treasure forever. You won't ever regret this experience!

This package includes a custom made showgirl hairpeice that is yours to keep forever, exquisite high fashion makeup, hours of instruction, an evening out in public with a staff member, the ideal wardrobe for your body type, unbelievable figure molding, multiple outfit changes, and our advanced photograpy [2] and basic airbrushing [3] service. Ultra Airbrushing [4] is ONLY available with this package.

  Glamour Transformations: Terms, Conditions & Definitions.

  1. Basic Photography: Photo's only, no retouching, color correction, or editing. Images are usually provided the day after your session by download link in RAW form. The Feminine Glamour staff will maintain originals as a backup and for retouching later. Session location is optional and may be in public or in private.

  2. Advanced Photography: Standard photo retouching, and stylized photos. Photos are provided by download link usually two weeks after initial session completely refinished with all retouching, color correction, and any basic editing required. Session location is usually determined by Feminine Glamour staff and will usually be in a studio or a private location.

  3. Basic Airbrushing: Photo's are color corected, edited, and fully retouched for visual impact if needed. Images are resized and cropped if neccassary to highlight pose, stance, or subject. Images are usually picked by client based on their own criteria and personal favorites. Delivery by download link of finalized images usually takes one week.

  4. Ultra Airbrushing: Total ultra glamour airbrushing to maximize photo impact. Selected images wil be individually processed to eliminate any imperfections and highlight every possible attribute. Images are usually picked by Feminine Glamour staff based on your look, pose, and best features. Delivery of finalized images usually takes four weeks and varies based on client preference.

  5. Basic Transformation I: Available to both male, female and couples. This is the most basic service Feminine Glamour offers our client's. Because it is our budget service unfortunately your options are limited. We will help you with your makeup aplication, give you color and shading advice, show you the best use for the wardrobe you provide and offer many tip's and tricks to give you an overall better look and presentation. You will need to provide your own hair, clothes, shoes, and any accessories that you bring with you.

  6. Basic Transformation II: Available to both male, female and couples. Feminine Glamour will take your existing experiance and wardrobe and expand it much farther. This is one of the best values if you have experience as a crossdresser. We will supply some select hair, a fantasic new makeup aplication, and some outfits to really enhance your current look. Many of our secrets to success will be taught and explained so you can recreate your new look.

  7. Basic Glamour Transformation: Available to both male, female and couples. Using your own select outfit's, we will take you from boring to absolute bombshell. Your makeup will be skillfully apllied and your hair will be teased and remade to work with you like never before. We will work with your body type and create a figure and pose that generates the most sensual apeal possible.

  8. Advanced Glamour Transformation: Available to both male, female and couples. You recieve that big Volumous showgirl hair, incredible high fashion showgirl makeup with those huge thick lashes, those plump & glistening pouty red lips, an incredible gown or select wardrobe to maximize that sensual image every catwalk vixen has. Your figure will be molded into an incredible hourglass and there will be absolutely no doubt that you are an extremely glamourous high fashion and very sexy woman!

  9. Ultra Glamour Transformation: Available to both male, female and couples. Tip's about posture, pose, feminine grace, and many more of the secret teqniques we use to achieve our glamourous showgirl look. A one on one consultation and education session with one of our showgirls filled with every topic you can possibly imagine. An entire evening escorted out on the town with a member of our staff after you have completed your ultra glamour girl makeover. You get to spend an entire evening asking questions and, learning how to move with that smooth and sensual calm. You will learn more and discover so many skills and, possibilities that you have never dreamed possible while out with us.

  10. Group Glamour Transformation: Available to both male, female and couples. Have you ever wanted an incredibly glamourous photo of you and your partner? Ever wondered how incredible it would be to have your Mistress made up with you? Are you nervous about not having anyone to share your experience with? Do you want a friend to go with you looking just as incredible? This is that wonderful opportunity you have looked for. Our couples recieve a generous discount on every Feminine Glamour service.

  11. Transformation Conditions: Regardless of how tall you are, your weight, or any other physical attributes the Feminine Glamour staff can and will help you look as attractive and sexy as possible. We are only limited by your imagination, personal attitude, and willingness to accept the guidance we offer.

    The Feminine Glamour staff are experts at highlighting your positive attributes and minimizing your flaws. If you are totally unwilling to allow us to draw that inner beauty out to the surface, then please don't hire us. Your inner beauty can only be limited by the changes you are willing to allow us to make.

  12. Have Realistic Expectations: The Feminine Glamour staff has decades of experience with wardrobe, hair, makeup application, and creating an idealized female form. However if you are extremely overweight or unusually tall please do not expect us to remake you into Dita von Tease.

    While we can and usually do achieve some extraordinary results, we are still bound and limited by the real world and it's unwavering rules. If you have never worn high heels before in your entire life there is just no way that we can teach you to walk like a fashion model in an hour or two. By the time you leave us you may be very close, but there are many things in life that take tremendous work and years of practice.

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